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Ontario Network of Injured Workers - ONIWG
      This is  the provincial arm of the injured workers advocacy support group. They campaign  and advocate for injured workers on a provincial level. 

Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario - IAVGO 

Their community  legal clinic provides free services to injured workers in Ontario including  legal advice, legal representation, public legal education, advocacy training  and community development.
      They  offer free legal advice on the telephone or in person to injured workers and  their families. They also provide brief advice and case consultation to injured  worker representatives. If you want an appointment either in person or by  phone, please call them at 416-924-6477 or 1-877-230-6311. If you are a migrant worker in Ontario, you can call them at  1-866-521-8535.
If English is not your first language, IAVGO can  arrange for interpretation by qualified interpreters. They arrange interpreters whenever needed for both  phone and in-person meetings. They will also arrange for sign language and Deaf  interpreters.
      They  offer representation to injured workers who financially qualify for services,  in accordance with Legal Aid Ontario’s financial eligibility criteria, if they are  not at their maximum caseload. As well, worker’s cases must have merit, and  should relate to one of the priority issues for their clinic.

Ontario Office of the Worker Advisor – OWA

The OWA  provides free and confidential services (advice, education, and representation)  in workplace insurance matters (formerly called workers’ compensation) and on  occupational health and safety reprisal issues. The OWA has provided assistance  with workplace insurance matters since 1985 and health and safety reprisals  since April 2012.
      The OWA  provides workplace insurance services to non-unionized injured workers and  their survivors. Occupational health and safety reprisal services are provided  to non-unionized workers. The OWA delivers all of its services in English and  French.
      The OWA  represents workers at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), the  Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal (WSIAT) and the Ontario Labour  Relations Board (OLRB). Alternative dispute resolution is used to resolve cases  when possible. The OWA also provides self-help information for workers to  handle their own claims or applications where appropriate.
      The OWA  develops community partnerships with other groups that assist injured workers  or who promote health and safety in the workplace. The OWA also provides  educational services in local communities on topics related to its mandates.

Wellington County

For those  living in Guelph, Erin, Rockwood, Fergus, and surrounding areas this is the  website of the county. 

Dufferin County

For those  living in Orangeville, Shelburne, and surrounding areas this is the website of  the county.

Fight WCB

For those interested in learning a bit more, that want or must represent themselves, in appeals or court actions. 

It also contains information about the creator of this group, paul Taylor under the category of "My Story" where Paul tells his story of his numerous work accidents, injuries, his dealings with the WSIB, the WSIAT the Ontario Superior Court, Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.