Next MTG September 12th Guelph Injured Worker Meeting


Our Group meeting take place on September 12th from 4pm to 6pm at 611 Silvercreek pkwy Guelph.  


April 28th Day of Mourning Parade Video

Hosted by the Guelph Labour Council, this is a video of the April 28th, Day of Mourning.

Workers and injured workers were lead by a bagpiper through the streets of Guelph where they all marched to the park where speeches were given. 

April 28th Day of Mourning - Start of Memorial

After the parade the parade is lead into the park by the bagpiper who plays amazing grace.

April 28th Day of Mourning - Sarah Neath

Sarah Neath of UFCW gives an impassioned speech about her dealings with the Ontario workers compensation system, as an advocate for injured workers. 

Sarah explains the system has been so badly abused by government even the WSIB staff are experiencing work related PTSD from their work. 

Hummmm sounds like a greater plan to privatize so Doug’s buddies can make even more money!

April 28th Day of Mourning - Mike Schreiner

Mike Schreiner MPP for Guelph and leader of the Green Party of Ontario

Speaks about April 28th Day of Mourning 

April 28th Day of Mourning - "We Shall Overcome"

After the speeches everyone sang the song We Shall Overcome!