This page has been setup to display the complaints which have been filed by the group on behalf of injured workers of our group and all other injured workers.

Complaint About WSIB Demanding IW Doctor's Medical Files - July 1, 2019

The group has learned that several injured workers in the group have had their complete medical files, which are located with their family doctors, forcibly sent to the WSIB. 

We feel this is a complete and utter violation of trust and privacy! The WSIB demands of private medical files maybe lawful under the WSIA law, but the WSIA law is NOT above the Constitution of Canada. As injured workers we are all CANADIANS and as such have constitutionally protected rights contrary to what the Ontario Conservatives think!


In response to what can only be considered as a fascist act, the group leader, and interim president Paul Taylor filed a formal complaint of his own and made specific mention of the cases that were discussed at the group. 

NO PRIVATE INFORMATION WAS REVEALED TO ANYONE aside from Mr. Taylor's own information.

You can see the letter and complaint by click here to download a pdf copy.     


I spoke to a representative from the Fair Practices Commission regarding the complaint. As my matter is before the Courts, they will not deal with it. However, if the Fair Practices Commission receives complaints from other injured workers they may consider bringing the issue up with the WSIB.


Therefore, if the WSIB has demanded your doctors send your entire medical files to the WSIB, which contains a period of time, and/or information irrelevant to the work injury. I strongly encourage you to file a formal complaint with the Fair Practices Commission. This can be done on their website here. and keep a copy of the complaint. 

Also, if you are an injured worker of this group, I also encourage you to send an e-mail to the group, letting us know you have filed a complaint with Fair Practice Commission. If you are not a member of this group contact your local injured group and let them know you have filed the complaint. This way the injured worker groups can track if and when injured workers have filed complaints and the results.  


If you are a member of our group or live in Wellington & Dufferin Counties and would like us to file a similar complaint then you can contact the group use the contact page.

or come to our next meeting!