About Us

Who We Are?


We are  injured workers who live in the counties of Wellington & Dufferin (Guelph, Orangeville, Shelburne, Fergus, Erin, Rockwood, and others).

We provide group support and advocacy for each other and in doing so we are able to learn form each other! 

There is strength in numbers!

What We Do?


Share our  stories, successes, and our failures, in dealing the WSIB (Ontario Workers  Compensation System).

      We will discuss and learn about how  to deal with difficult problems such as:
Pre-existing Conditions
Failure of the WSIB to listen to our doctors

Why we do it?


e are  coming together to help each other, as the WSIB, Ontario’s Workers Compensation system, have failed Ontarians injured at work. The WSIB have also failed Ontario taxpayers. 

Too many injured workers have suffered financial, physical, and emotional devastation, at the hands of the WSIB. 

Not to mention in many ways Ontario taxpayers have had to foot the bill for the WSIB's slow, troublesome, and employer favored 

decision process. 

Where & When We Do It?


Guelph Meetings:

We are presently meeting every month on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 5pm to 6pm in Guelph at 611 Silver Creek Parkway.

We have not secured locations in other places in Wellington & Dufferin Counties yet, but we will be looking at meeting in other cities/towns.  

If you know of a free place where we can meet in Orangeville, Fergus, Erin, Rockwood, Shelburne, then please let us know.

How We Do it?


The group has three main functions to:
1. Provide support for local injured workers; 

2. Provide support to other injured worker groups, including the provincial Group ONIWG & the National Injured Worker Group - Canadian Injured Workers Alliance - CIWA

3. To raise awareness of the injustices facing injured workers

Some of the ways we will try and raise awareness will be planning such events with other groups and organizations. 

There are two coming events:

April 28th Day of Mourning

This is a day, recognized every year,  when all mourn those who have been killed in the workplace or suffered a injury in the workplace. 

June 1st Injured Worker Day

This is a day, recognized every year,  when all injured workers and supporters in Ontario travel to Queenspark in Toronto to march and rally in support of rights for injured workers.